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Outsourcing management in laboratories – How not to lose the thread?

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As part of its mission to conduct the test request, the laboratory may have to outsource certain operations to subcontractors. The test plan proposes a decentralized examination of the “classical” laboratory process. This is for different reasons: technical or legal, unavailability of a machine or control of the test result by a different technique. In all cases, the subcontractor’s action supplements the laboratory’s mission in order to assist it in the life cycle of the test request, from its genesis to the publication of the final test report.

In this context, therefore, it is possible to see the importance that subcontractors can have when they are integrated as stakeholders in the laboratory process. This management is crucial because the monitoring of external activity adds a problem to the current context of laboratories, namely how to manage and monitor subcontracted test requests, between internal and external actors?

Need to have access to the “full picture”

Just as the traceability of information over time is an important issue in order to improve the testing process, supplier monitoring requires transparency of the actions carried out within the framework of its mandate. Sosthènes de La Rochefoucauld said that “Trust is earned and cannot be demanded.” and because the results brought about following a test request are critical for the Design Office or the Production Department that requests them, it is not possible to leave room for improvisation to manage subcontracted shipments.

More specifically, the laboratory making the test request needs to be able to have an overview of the entire process, which is why, like document management, (Read : Documentary Management LIMS – The happiness of ordered knowledge) it requires the sharing of information in a centralized repository. Thanks to this, the actors involved can consult all or part of the test plan and thus guarantee the quality and traceability of the test, even among subcontractors.

Intangible capital, the cornerstone of competitiveness

It is a real competitive lever on which it is possible to capitalize in order to optimize your test request management process. Because centralized management of all the stakeholders involved in the test plan makes it possible to generate monitoring performance indicators and to highlight the points of slowdowns, and possibly plan corrective action.

Thus, the implementation of these indicators makes it possible to evaluate subcontractors and thanks to the integration of subcontracted information into the information system, the advantages are numerous such as facilitating audits for certifications, increasing productivity by easily finding test data and helping them to operate optimally in their own contexts.

Drawing on more than 25 years of experience in the management of high value-added technical data, BASSETTI offers its tool for optimizing efficiency in the management of test requests: TEEXMA® LIMS. This modular and configurable solution supports the management of laboratories from the test request to the validation of the test report, in order to ensure the valorisation of laboratory information and to help decision-making, by optimising the resources invested.

To learn more, feel free to register for our LIMS Thursday Webinar, every 4th Thursday of the month: Register for the next session.

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BASSETTI Group will be present in the world’s largest Testing Automotive exhibition

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On 21-22-23 May 2019, BASSETTI will be present at Automotive Testing Expo EUROPE – 2019, stand 8070, Hall 8, Messepiazza 1, 70629 Stuttgart, Deutschland.


Automotive Testing Expo EUROPE – 2019 is the world’s largest exhibition dedicated to test and validation technologies and services for vehicles and complete components!


Considering the criticality of development time, to ensure quality and reduce non-conformities of test requests, this convention is the place to discover new technologies for testing, development and validation of tests and complete vehicles. Discover NVH measurement tools, crash-test services and durability/quality validation technologies. From vehicle dynamics tools to NDT technology, Automotive Testing Expo Europe – 2019 is the reference in trade fairs for vehicle testing worldwide.


BASSETTI provides automotive companies with an efficient and customizable software solution – TEEXMA®. The solution aims to improve traceability, optimize resource utilization, reduce costs or obtain the CNAS ISO 17025 standard, which are common challenges for automotive laboratories.

TEEXMA® TMT (Test Management Tool) helps customers manage their test processes, from online request and validation to planning, test execution and automatic reporting. He assists in decision-making, the generation of KPIs, dashboards and the implementation of alerts. Thanks to its high flexibility, TEEXMA® guarantees the adaptation of the system to any modification of standards or processes in the laboratory, as well as a complete interfacing possible in the digital working environment.

So, come by and visit us on booth #8070, Hall 8, Messepiazza 1, Stuttgart, on 21-22-23 May 2019.

The benefits of a complete interface to Information Systems

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A new challenge in recent years, the interfacing of digital tools to one’s work environment has become much more complex, particularly due to the multiplication of software used within a company. Word, Excel, Cloud, internal database, and other loose sheets… How to ensure good interfacing so as not to lose productivity or integrity?

The simple solution: use a technical collaborative software!

Taking into account the specificities inherent to each digital work environment, interfacing business software with computer software in a company can seem expensive. However, the development of specific connectors allows an increase in efficiency between departments.

In order to ensure optimal integration in the IT galaxy, business software must be equipped with standardized languages and programming interfaces (such as APIs), for example, to facilitate these connections.

In addition, these software packages are increasingly being used to support the company’s various instruments, so it is important that the IT department can interface them easily.


And it is by combining this intelligent interfacing approach, thanks to its connections to existing software, that the TEEXMA® solution perfectly meets this dynamic. The first software dedicated to the technical and scientific world makes it easy to meet the requirements of the ISM, particularly with regard to compatible connectors. Thus, TEEXMA® LIMS, our collaborative tool in the laboratory environment, has been able to adapt to these issues and can be connected to all the tools in the IT landscape, but also to other tools, such as testing machines. Ensuring, therefore, the constant synchronization of data from a plurality of elements.

WEBINAR: Thursday 07 February – 11:00 to 12:00

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Come and discover TEEXMA® LIMS

Every last Thursday of the month, from 11:00 to 12:00!

Register here

To discover during this Webinar:

  • Manage test requests/work orders with all dashboards: pending activity, to be planned, carried out, etc.
  • Plan the activity and share the availability of test facilities.
  • Construct test plans graphically by managing the scheduling of the different steps.
  • Enter results to feed and secure a technical heritage.
  • Automatically generate reports from Client Templates and increase productivity.
  • Monitor the activity of your laboratory by generating operational indicators, KPIs.
  • Search & Operate & Operate simply all data to easily find tests already performed, reports, results, etc.