Documentary Management LIMS – The happiness of ordered knowledge

The visible disorder distracts us from the true source of the disorder.” Marie Kondō, a champion of tidying up, largely influenced by Japanese culture, teaches us to keep only the essential and to get rid of the superfluous… However, in a context of memory conservation, this technique faces a major problem! Especially in companies developing high value-added data. Document management is essential to preserve “corporate memory.” From the registration of the test request to the issuance of the results, there is a real need to make collaborative work in order to enhance the value of the information in a document and allow its simple dissemination. With the goal of optimizing time and cost, how can we save time and ensure traceability in the search for information?

Good document management requires the ability to manage the complex relationships between information, to track changes while respecting the quality of the documentation. In order to understand in more detail the challenges of a document’s life cycle, BASSETTI relies on its 25 years of experience in Technical Expertise Management® to provide a document management solution, including for quality documents, test reports, certificates of analysis, or is used to capitalize on standards.
In this respect, the implementation of a single, centralised document management system allows for the harmonisation of daily practices.

  • First, through the implementation of a standard document model to produce uniform reference documents, regardless of the issuing entity. By automatically creating compliant documents, the tedious steps of capitalization are eliminated and employees can focus on higher value-added tasks.
  • In addition, the risk of data entry errors due to human intervention is considerably reduced, ensuring better data reliability.
  • Finally, harmonisation is the keyword of the organization. Using a standard format, it is easy to find the necessary information to follow procedures, especially in the case of SOPs aimed at preventing the risks of a potentially risky situation.

However, TEEXMA® offers the possibility of creating simple and flexible templates, capable of meeting all user needs, ensuring the traceability of the test cycle: from the reception of the request to the valuation of the test data.
Also, this editing unicity greatly facilitates the stages of capitalisation, dissemination, of course and information enhancement. The time saved in retrieving information is considerable, thanks in particular to powerful search tools. In addition, the document management tool allows automated extraction, configurable through filters, which ensures the rapid reconstitution of technical documentation.
However, it is necessary that the process from creation to the valuation of the document be carried out in complete security. And this is possible, in particular, thanks to the Workflow module offered by TEEXMA®, which makes it possible to monitor the validation processes and distribute information taking into account the level of accreditation of this profile. The distribution of access rights is defined upstream, all this in order to ensure traceability and facilitate document archiving.

So, if three important criteria must be retained when saving experimental data : traceability, safety, and harmony.
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